Cultural tourism strategy, Montenegro

Project title

Cultural tourism strategy development


Cetinje, Montenegro



Project aim

Develop a strategy for increasing visitors and length of stay in the former royal capital.
Who we worked with:

Cetinje municipality, plus other public and private tourism and heritage stakeholders. British Council funded.

What we did

We helped local groups and businesses identify and capitalise on the assets Cetinje has. These included tangible and intangible social and cultural assets. We did this by identifying and strengthening potential tourism value chains through workshops and consultations in and around Cetinje. We then enabled these groups to work together to create the networks needed to turn these assets into viable cultural tourism projects.


The generation of a cultural tourism strategy and action plan, to be adopted and implemented locally. See report: Cetinje Cultural Tourism Strategy – A Link Across Nature and Culture (Selwyn, Scott, Karkut and Bell).