International expertise putting results for people and communities at the heart of tourism and heritage development.

We bring more than 20 years of experience applying anthropological insights into areas including intangible cultural heritage, sustainable tourism, project design and geopark development.

EU Horizon Research – #H2020 #HorizonEurope

    A #HorizonEurope Research Innovation Action – developing, testing, and validating an online platform utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to create content collectively for cultural heritage and arts across Europe
  • Casting out the arctic research net – in the field with Touch in Tromsø
    Touch TD take a closer look at research around the challenges faced when balancing aquaculture, fisheries and tourism in Arctic Norway
  • Retaining jobs – sustaining communities in the westfjords of Iceland
    The ArcticHubs project team in the remote Westfjords corner of Iceland, focus applied research into how rural communities may be more effectively sustained
  • ArcticHubs
    A #H2020 multi-disciplinary international collaboration to develop research-led, practice-based solutions to address challenges faced in the Arctic.

Recent Projects