We enjoy designing and delivering training and capacity building for tourism and heritage, and have delivered workshops to professionals and local stakeholders in a wide range of settings around the world.

Capacity building is a great way to equip people with the skills needed to develop or regenerate an area. We also provide train the trainer programmes, so skills can be continually passed on.

Our hands-on, practice-based approach to training, with its emphasis on collaboration and problem-solving, provides an ideal opportunity for people to exchange knowledge about an area and build confidence through participation. It is an important part of the project cycle, and aids sustainable growth.

In Tehran we undertook a project to equip tourism professionals to develop and manage infrastructure for international tourism following a national decision to prioritise cultural tourism development (Iran receives a negligible share of international tourism despite its wealth of culture and heritage).

We developed and delivered content for an entire module on cultural tourism and heritage management. The intensive week-long course incorporated both classroom and field trip based learning, in order to make the concepts real and demonstrable through local cases and examples. We then trained the trainers, building capacity so tourism can continue to develop in the area.

As part of the Regional Management and Support Unit assisting the implementation of the Euromed Heritage 4 programme, we designed and delivered three-day training workshops for architects and cultural heritage professionals on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, cultural and community mapping, and embedding project sustainability.