Our research pedigree is extremely strong, with many years of practice working in the field from a university base.

The geography of world tourism is changing rapidly. Our research methods are well adapted to achieving a nuanced understanding of emerging trends, market niches, and changing tourist expectations. By using thick data methods to understand destination culture, stakeholder livelihoods and tourist behaviour, we are able to advise on the development of new tourism products, and the best ways to bring these to market.

Our methods derive from extensive experience and we actively continue to develop our research. Our particular research specialities include Geoparks, casino tourism and cultural heritage livelihoods.

Julie has carried out extensive research on casino tourism and the relationship between casino and non-casino segments in a ‘mixed’ tourism destination. She enjoys developing participative methodologies for exploring the relationship between people and the places they inhabit and visit, and particularly likes working in multi-disciplinary collaborations.

Jonathan is currently working on a doctoral thesis providing a critical analysis of the emergent UNESCO endorsed Global Geoparks Network.