The CULTURATI project is a three-year initiative funded as part of the EU’s Horizon Europe research programme. It’s objective is to design, develop and validate mainstream technologies for its ecosystem, utilising the Internet of Things, cloud and mobile technologies, sensors (people counters), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The project revolves around a global content platform that enables Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), creative professionals, and citizens to create content collectively for cultural heritage and arts across Europe. Consequently, CULTURATI curates content in its database and delivers the content in its database to end-user (consumers of cultural heritage and arts) in customized games (Q&A) and routes to attract and engage them with cultural heritage and arts more closely.

CULTURATI can be used by venue and site-based CCIs (e.g. museums, art galleries, art fairs, biennial events, palaces, castles, historic town centres, cities), creative professionals (e.g. artists, authors, handcraft designers, freelancers, painters, film and animation producers) and citizens. Thus, CULTURATI will provide a platform for various groups in public (e.g. CCIs, social innovators, local, regional, and national authorities, sectoral partners, local SMEs, young people, minorities, disadvantaged groups and citizens) to include them in content creation for heritage and arts actively.

CULTURATI will bring customized games and routes to the end-users with the help of its content in a database jointly produced by CCIs and citizens. As a result, CULTURATI also becomes a content curator which will,

  • score its database for the necessary information based on the selection criteria of the end-users (preferences, needs, wants, etc.)
  • retrieve the relevant data
  • share the findings in a logical, organised, and presentable way utilising games and routes.

With CULTURATI, cities and regions can also take advantage of the creative potential of their CCIs and citizens in the production of content with artistic and cultural value. In this way, a game or a route for a person touring a city, a region, or a site will be co-produced with the help of content created by various individuals in public, forming a new cultural experience and dissemination.

CULTURATI works with an algorithm to optimise the number of visitors in each location dynamically and proactively by respecting carrying capacities set for them by their managers. Consequently CULTURATI aims to enhance the visitor experience by providing customised information and managing visitor flows on-site