Historic England’s future engagement with ICH

Project title

Advising on Historic England’s future engagement with intangible cultural heritage





Project aim

This project was a collaboration between WSP Cultural Heritage & Archaeology and Touch TD involving interviews and desk research through the offices of Historic England. The purpose of the project was to advise Historic England on how it can engage most appropriately and effectively in the development of thinking and activity related to Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)

Who we worked with

We worked with a targeted spread of offices, programmes and staff within Historic England, both inside the organisation headquarters and across regional centres

What we did

Touch TD were responsible for;

  • Indentifying the principal issues in ICH that Historic Engalnd may engage with
  • Recognising aspects of ICH that are of practical relevance to the work and objectives of Historic England
  • To assess the extent to which ICH is already taken into account in Historic England’s current work – including the implications for more active engagement with ICH in regards to:
    • conservation
    • planning & places strategy
    • scheduling & listing


For the project we delivered a comprehensive consultation document to assist Historic England’s internal evaluations around future use and engagement with ICH