Mediterranean Voices

Project title

Mediterranean Voices – Oral History and Cultural Practice in Mediterranean Cities


14 historic cities around the Mediterranean basin



Project aim

Create a multimedia database of the intangible heritage of the Mediterranean’s changing urban spaces, leading to collaborative links and sustainable tourism initiatives across the network of cities.

Who we worked with

A network of NGOs, Universities, museums and public authorities across the 14 project partners. Funded by the EU (EuromedHeritage II) with a budget of € 3.5 million.

What we did

We were responsible for the design, co-ordination and implementation of the research and its outputs, taking a leading role in this substantial project. The project had a strong foundation in multi-sited ethnographic research. Its output of books, films, recordings, maps and exhibitions were used in education, tourism and heritage activities by schools, museums and NGOs in the network cities.


Judged an outstanding project by EU programme evaluators.