Public Art and Regeneration in Tbilisi, Georgia

Project title



Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine



Project aim

Artistic and cultural action in public space and the recuperation of public spaces for art, culture and urban residents.

Who we worked with

Oikodrom Vienna, artists and cultural workers, social scientists, architects, arts theoreticians, capacity builders and participation specialists from the Black Sea region. EU (EuroEast Culture) funded – we participated as associate partner.

What we did

Our Touch TD associate, Torange Khonsari, designed a mobile structure – Tbilisi Tea Trolley – which acted as a temporary space to draw in passers by and engage them in a discussion of their feelings and stories about the pedestrian underpasses in Tbilisi, which are a significant feature of the urban infrastructure here. We used this information to develop proposals for the social and economic regeneration of the underpass areas investigated.


This approach led to proposals for further collaborative concepts and interventions. See: Tbilisi Tea Trolley Fanzine.