Theory to Practice study trip in Iceland

Touch TD have been refining their approach to post-graduate heritage and tourism study trips for a number of years now. We draw on active partnerships from live tourism and development projects we have been directly involved in. This is designed to ensure the students are exposed to actual practice with a range of ‘clients’, to complement the theory they are taught by their professors in the lecture hall.

This Spring we accompanied a group from SOAS, University of London to the Katla Geopark in South Iceland. There the students were guided by our geopark hosts through a busy itinerary, visiting dramatic landscapes, cultural sites, museums and engaging in lively discussions and meetings. There was even time for some of the group to lend their hand to adding a couple of stitches to the ‘Njalssaga tapestry‘ in Njálurefill – A project that aims to bring the sagas alive and ensure its intangible heritage is passed on for generations to come.

All these activities were linked to the students addressing a ‘terms of reference’ document drafted jointly in this case by Touch TD and Katla Geopark, that connected with live and pressing issues that are prominent in the geopark today. This is an area where we feel Touch TD brings real added value, with two-way benefits for both the hosting destinations and the applied learning opportunities offered to student groups.

If you would like us to help you create a similar ‘bespoke’ study visit linked to live project and consulting issues, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.